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Изображения, фотографии, видео Экшен для создания паралакса в фотошоп



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26 Мар 2018
Название: Экшен для создания паралакса в фотошоп

What's new in this Version 2.0?

Support More Video Resolution.

Regarding of the huge demands from the previous version, now Qlilipn available in the following video resolutions (generated by Actions).

Ratio 1:1 (Square Version)
  • 2000x2000 px [Master File]
  • 1080x1080 px
  • 960x960 px
  • 640x640 px
Ratio 2:1 (Twitter Video)
  • 1024x512 px
Ratio 16:9
  • 1920x1080 px [FHD]
  • 1600x900 px [HD+]
  • 1280x720 px [WXGA]
Ratio 4:3
  • 1600x1200 px [UXGA]
  • 1152x864 px [XGA+]
  • 1024x768 px [XGA]
  • 800x600 px [SVGA]
  • 640x480 px [VGA]
Ratio 4:3~
  • 720x480 px [NTSC]
Ratio 16:10
  • 1920x1200 px [WUXGA]
  • 1680x1050 px [WSXGA+]
  • 1440x900 px [WXGA+]
  • 1280x800 px [WXGA]
To reducing the download size, you only get the largest psd file (2000x2000 px). All other size will be generated by Actions.

Get Extra +16 New Premade Templates.

+16 New Beautiful Premade Templates! Now there are 28 templates available. All using free fonts, you can get the download links in the tutorial file.

More Compacted Filesize.

Now Qlilipn using linked smart object to reduce the filesize. In the previous version, the Qlilipn.psd (1080x1080) is 85.5 MB. Now only 38.3 MB (on the same resolution) without reducing the quality! Less size means more faster in processing.

Export to GIF Available!

Now you can export to animated gif file by following the tutorial explained in the tutorial file.

Updated Files:
  • Qlilipn Master.psd (2000x2000 px)
  • 01 Template RESIZE.atn (actions set)
  • 02 Qlilipn RESIZE.atn (actions set)
  • 03 Qlilipn GENERATOR V2.atn (actions set)
  • Premade Templates.psd (2000x2000 px)
  • Sample Photo.psd (640x640 px)
  • tutorial.html (inside the Tutorial folder)
  • fx_dust.mp4 (the linked smart object destination)
Main Features:
  • Support Many Video Resolution.
  • 10 beautiful photo filters.
  • 28+ stunning pre-made templates.
  • Icons, frames, and other graphic elements.
  • More Compacted Filesize, Faster in Processing.
  • Support Animated Gif.
  • FREE Updates.


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